What is REAL’s Purpose Statement (and Why Does It Matter)?

by Feb 15, 2021Real News

Our purpose statement explains Real’s reason for existence. It explains why Real was founded, and why we’re working together on our journey. Our purpose at Real is Building your future, together.

I’ve heard a lot about core values and culture at other companies, but nobody can remember what all the core values are. How is Real any different?

At Real, our four core values support Real’s vision and shape our culture. Having a defined set of core values makes it easier for us to make swift decisions, quickly communicate our principles, and hire employees with the right attitude. Having a clear set of values ensures that our team is working towards the same goals. We live our core values daily, they are our brand! Here are our four core values:

Work Hard. Be Kind.  (Describes the who we are as people)

Simply Great Service. (Guidepost for the service we provide)

Embrace. Resolve. Evolve. (How we embrace mistakes and improve)

Make A Difference. (How we make a difference toward building a better future)

Which core value do you most align with?

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